Video Production Certificate

Certificate in Video Production Requirements

Requires a total of 47 credit hours, including 31 multimedia credit hours, 13 additional multimedia credit hours, and 3 credit hours of cooperative work experience in multimedia.

Required MM Professional/Technical Courses Cr  
MM120 Multimedia Design 2  
MM130 Multimedia Graphics and Elements Production 3  
MM160 Marketing Yourself as a MM Professional 2  
MM230 Graphics for Multimedia 4  
MM235 Digital Video Editing and Production 4  
MM237 Video Compositing and Effects 4  
MM260 Multimedia Video Production I 4  
MM261 Multimedia Video Production II 4  
MM262 Multimedia Video Production III 4  
Total Professional/Technical Credits 31  
Pick 13 credits from this list
Additional MM Professional/Technical Courses Cr  
MM110 Introduction to Multimedia 1  
MM140 Multimedia Authoring I 3  
MM150 Project Review, Testing & Delivery 1  
MM142 Intro to Augmented Reality 1  
MM146 Directing Actors for Recording 4  
MM220 Multimedia Design II Designing for Interactivity 3  
MM231 Vector Graphics & Animation for the WWW 3  
MM232 Multimedia 3D Modeling and Animation 3  
MM233 Character Modeling and Animation 3  
MM234 3D for the World Wide Web 3  
MM239 Digital Video Editing and Production II 4  
MM253 3D Intermediate Modeling and Texturing 3  
MM254 3D Modeling and Rigging 3  
MM255 3D Lighting and Texturing 3  
MM256 Graphics for Multimedia II 3  
MM236 Video Compression and Streaming 3  
MM258 Video Compositing and Effects II 4  
MM240 Multimedia Authoring II 4  
MM241 Multimedia Authoring III 4  
MM245 Internet Delivery of Interactive Multimedia 3  
MM246 Sound Seminar 2  
MM250 Advanced Multimedia Project Development I 3  
MM251 Advanced Multimedia Project Development II 3  
MM252 Advanced Multimedia Project Development III 3  
MM263 Cinematography/lighting 3  
MM264 Broadcast I 4  
MM265 Broadcast II 4  
MM267 Spec FX I - Green Screen 4  
MM270 Writing for Multimedia *(prereqs needed) 3  
Additional Multimedia Credits 13+  
MM280 Cooperative Work Experience in Multimedia 3  
Required MM Cooperative Work Experience Credits 3  


31 Requried MM credit hours

Plus 13 additional MM credit hours

Plus 3 credits of Cooperative Work Experience in MM



Students entering into the program must possess strong Macintosh or Windows computer management skills and be familiar with essential software such as word processing and draw/paint programs. Required prerequisites: Placement into or above WR115, RD115 and MTH20. Recommended prerequisites: ART 115, 116, 117.


The program is located at the Cascade campus. The 100 level multimedia courses are generally offered each term, and students may begin taking classes during any term. A variety of advanced, 200 level courses are also offered. Certificate students must receive a ā€œCā€ or better in all required multimedia courses.

Please contact the Multimedia Department or call at (971) 722-5201 for more information or to set up and appointment.