Video AAS

AAS Degree in Video Production Requirements

Requires a total of 94 credit hours, including 61 multimedia credit hours, 25 additional required course credit hours, and 8 credit hours of general education courses.

Required Professional/Technical Courses Cr
MM160 Marketing yourself as a Multimedia Professional 2
MM230 Graphics for Multimedia 4
MM235 Digital Video Editing & Production 4
MM236 Video Compression and Streaming 3
MM237 Video Compositing & Effects 4
MM239 Digital Video Editing & Production II 4
MM246 Post Production Sound - or 2
MM247 Field Sound 2
MM250 Advance Multimedia Project 3
MM258 Video Compositing & Effects II 4
MM259 Screenwriting/preproduction 4
MM260 Video Production I 4
MM261 Video Production II 4
MM262 Video Production III 4
MM Course Electives 12
Total Professional/Technical Credits 61

Additional Required Courses (2 of 3 in both ART and ENG) Cr
BA 205 Solving Communications Problems with Technology 4
BA 223 Principles of Marketing or 4
BA 250 Small Business Management 3
*ENG 195 Film Studies: Film as Art 4
*ENG 196 Film Studies: Directors 4
*ENG 197 Film Studies: Themes & Genres 4
*ART 103 Understanding New Media Arts 4
*ART 140 Digital Photography 3
*ART 116 Basic Design 3
*MTH 105 College Algebra for Liberal Arts 4
Total Additional Required Credits 25
  * Students must earn a total of 16 general education credits with at least 4 credits in each of the three general education categories. (Recommended to select a course option from the Social Science category)  
General Education Course Credits 8
Total Credits for the VP AAS Degree 94


61 Requried MM Courses

Plus 25 Additional Required Courses

Plus 8 Additional General Education



Students entering into the program must possess strong Macintosh or Windows computer management skills and be familiar with essential software such as word processing and draw/paint programs. Recommended prerequisites: ART 115, 116, 117; and CAS 111D.


The program is located at the Cascade campus. The 100 level multimedia courses are generally offered each term, and students may begin taking classes during any term. A variety of advanced, 200 level courses are also offered. Certificate students must receive a "C" or better in all required multimedia courses.

Please contact the Multimedia Department or call at (971) 722-5201 for more information or to set up and appointment.