MM232 | 3D Modeling and Animation

CRN: 34046 | Credits: 3 | Weeks (11) | Campus: Cascade | Room: MAHB219

Instructor: Stephen Palermini

Covers how to create, edit, and take apart 3D models and animations using industry standard 3D modeling and animation software. Develops foundational skills to work, create, and navigate utilizing the features of the digital 3D modeling workspace. Explores basic elements of the 3D development of objects, environments and animations. Prerequisites: MM 130, 140; CAS 111D; or instructor permission. Audit available. Students who successfully complete this course will develop quality 3D models and animations, available for various delivery options, CD-ROM, and disk. Optimizing for the World Wide Web will also be discussed. Graphics produced in this course will be evaluated and reviewed by the instructor and student peers then will be improved as needed.