MM234 | 3D for the World Wide Web

CRN: 34042 | Credits: 3 | Weeks (11) | Campus: Cascade | Room: MAHB219

Instructor: Connor Goglin

Includes how to design, create, and display high-quality, interactive 3D graphics and animations using industry standard 3D modeling tools. Explores and tests delivery options, limitations, and quality issues. Prerequisites: MM 232. Audit available. Created content will be developed in order to captivate and engage Web audiences, as well as other end-users in an enhanced experience for games and other forms of entertainment, ecommerce, business, news, marketing, advertising, education, and distance learning. Students who successfully complete this course will develop multiple interactive 3D projects, in order to increase their skills in designing, creating and displaying high-quality, interactive 3D graphics and animations delivered via the World Wide Wide.