Travis Ristick

Travis was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. There's a high probability that he was born in 1980 with a paintbrush already in hand. As he made is way through school, he never failed to fill an elective with some sort of art class. He continued to polish his skills and find new ways to express himself through various mediums and tools. Seeking a higher purpose after graduating high school, he made the bold leap into serving his country by joining the United States Air Force. During his time overseas in Germany he realized quickly that his creative talent was tugging his soul back home to Portland. It was in 2004 that Portland Community College gave him the opportunity to find that new path through it's multimedia program. It didn't take long before the various creative projects hooked him in. Since then, he has earned an Associates in Multimedia, and has accrued over 10 years design experience working directly with clients on various projects.

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